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Dixon Place presents

Song of Songs

By Renée Darline Roden
Directed by Ivey Lowe

Dixon Place Lounge
161A Chrystie St,
New York, NY

Saturday, May 18, 7:30pm

‘I’m boring. She told me I was boring.’

‘You mean the sex was boring?’

‘No. *I* am boring.’

Magritte song of songs

Thus begins Nate's quest—conversion, really—from boring to interesting. ‘Song of Songs’ follows one man’s journey from the bedroom to the monastery (!) as he charts the course of every human’s desire to not only love and be loved but to be f*&%ing fascinating while doing so. Along the way he meets King David, this cool chick Teresa, and Eugène Delacroix.

Free admission!
No RSVP required: join us early and stay late, buy a drink (or three!) at the Dixon Place Lounge bar

For more information visit the Dixon Place website or check out the Facebook event