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two star motel



by Renée Roden
directed by Joey Doyle
featuring Emily Dauer, Katherine Dudas, and Meaghan Adawe McLeod

It's Friday ~finally~ and all that stands between you and That Party (you know the one) is that freaking AP Bio test. And all that stands between you and the bathroom are Those Dumb Freshmen Biddies (you know the ones). And all that stands between you and her, looking into the mirror, is your reflection (you know. That one).

Staged site-specifically in a real high school bathroom, SHE asks: How well do you know the person you tell everything to? And how the hell did that awful Christine get such a toned butt?

production staff

playwright: Renee Roden
director: Joey Doyle
producer: Charlie O’Leary
technical director: John Yost
stage manager: Arshia Panicker
choreographer: Brock Switzer
costume designer: Sam Squeri
props designer: Maddie Landon
graphic designer: Colleen Hancuch
social media: Lesley Stevenson

“The powerful acting completely leaves you in the play’s thrall.”

- Jessica Taghap, OffOffOnline

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"Bold and surprisingly touching… Female friendship needs to be depicted like this more often."

- Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review

“What director Joey Doyle did was nothing short of spectacular.”

- Michael Bradley Block, Theater in the Now

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